Custom application development and outsourcing

We provide custom software development services to help you transform your business idea into a full-featured application using open source technologies.

At KRIT, we develop web, mobile, and desktop apps based on your project requirements and preferences. Our  software engineers use the latest industry standards and technologies to make your custom app reliable, scalable, and high-performance.

Moreover, you can validate your project idea and save costs by building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). 


When you decide to hire software developers at KRIT, we provide you with a wide range of flexible engagement models. If you want to complete your team with our onshore, blended, or offshore teams of professionals, then we can offer a dedicated team model. Otherwise, you can focus on other project aspects and fully delegate the custom software development process to our experts.

Our Custom Software Development Life Cycle

1. Research & Discovery Session

At the first stage, we gather your requirements, needs, and preferences by considering the project. We perform interviews, workshops, and use cases to define the user interface, functionality, and other aspects to build the best custom software product for your business.

2. UX/UI Design and Prototyping

Then we proceed to UX/UI design and prototyping which allow us to develop an efficient user journey map and embed the best user experience for your clients. This way, we guarantee to build an easy-to-use and intuitive custom app that caters to your end-users needs.

3. Development

Once the UX/UI design is ready, our expert custom software developers start building your product considering the developed technical specification and your business needs. We do our best to deliver a scalable, maintainable, and secure application by following the latest industry standards and using top-notch tech stack. This way, we create easy-to-use custom software tailored to the needs of your end-users and clients.

4. Quality Assurance and Testing

When the software development process is over, our QA software testers start validating your custom app. We perform stress load, functionality, and usability tests to ensure your application runs smoothly and without errors.

5. Monitoring and Deployment

Our DevOps engineers monitor and deploy the modules, changes, updates, and patches to verify the proper functioning of your application and fix all possible errors. This way, we ensure that your custom software will meet end-users’ preferences on a target device.

6. Maintenance and Support

When we finish your custom app and our software development outsourcing services, we can offer you to maintain and support your solution. This allows us to streamline your business operations by constantly improving your application with regular advancements and keeping your software healthy.

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